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Scheduler is a computer programming system consisting of software design pattern. It helps in execution of concurrent assigned helps in multitasking because now a days due to increase in advancement such multitasks are acquired. The read/write lock pattern is implemented using scheduler pattern to make sure fair scheduling, Schedule is basically completeness of execution per unit time known as throughput, latency (specifically the turnaround time, as a total time between submission of a process and its completion and the response time, as a time from submission of a process to the first time it is scheduled. fairness (equal CPU time to each process
Process scheduler
The process scheduler is a part of the operating system that decides which process runs at a certain point in is a cooperative scheduler as we can pause, move on and can start new process.
Long-term scheduling
It is also known as admission scheduler .its admission to check whether executing process is authorized or it is delayed. Usually processes are I/O bound or CPU bound. I/O bound require more time in I/O then computing .CPU bound requires more time in computing then I/O requests .so it’s better to use mix I/O and CPU bound .Long-term scheduling is also important in large-scale systems such as batch processing systems, computer clusters, supercomputers and render farms
Medium-term scheduling
This is commonly referred as ‘’swapping in’’ or ‘’swapping out’’
Short-term scheduling
The short-term scheduler also known as the CPU scheduler decides which of the ready, in-memory processes is to be after a clock interrupt.
Another component that is involved in the CPU-scheduling function is the dispatcher, which is the module that gives control of the CPU to the process selected by the short-term scheduler. During the context switches, the processor is virtually idle for a fraction of time.
Scheduler pattern is used to ensure fairness in scheduling.

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