Effects of Media on Children

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Effects of Media on Children

Unread postby UCERD.COM » Tue Nov 25, 2014 6:07 pm

The media have several impacts on society and mostly on defenceless ones of the society; children. This is really controversial issue in every single country, especially in America. Nowadays, in Turkey, this issue is taken under consideration; if media affect on children/teens and how this effect occured?
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In deeply research, there are different levels of the media’a effect on children, so there are different levels of consequences. There are several debates around this topic and the television is the most common guilty medium in this issue. A study by the Mediascope Institute found that many children by age six have spent more time watching TV than time they will spend talking to their fathers in their entire lifetime.
Nithin Coca who wrote in editorial argueing says that
“Studies have shown that the effect of violence in the media on children can be small, leading to more violent behavior in maybe 15% of children. But other studies have shown that this effect can be greater when children are “raised by the media”. It is hard to say whether a certain child will become more violent or aggressive due to the media, and I believe that other factors contribute to violence in children, such as problems at home, the influence of peers, or lack of a positive source of morals. But as a society we need to make sure that there are options for children in the media so that they do not have to exposed to so much mature content, and I believe that currently the protections in place are terribly inadequate.”
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