Eigens Notes (by Fayyaz Ahmad)

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Eigens Notes (by Fayyaz Ahmad)

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An eigenvector of a square matrix is a non-zero vector that, when multiplied by the matrix, yields a vector that differs from the original at most by a multiplicative scalar.

For example, if three-element vectors are seen as arrows in three-dimensional space, an eigenvector of a 3×3 matrix A is an arrow whose direction is either preserved or exactly reversed after multiplication by A. The corresponding eigenvalue determines how the length and sense of the arrow is changed by the operation.

Specifically, a non-zero column vector v is a (right) eigenvector of a matrix A if (and only if) there exists a number λ such that Av = λv. The number λ is called the eigenvalue corresponding to that vector. The set of all eigenvectors of a matrix, each paired with its corresponding eigenvalue, is called the eigensystem of that matrix.[1][2]

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